Green & Pink Carpet Pillow Cover

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Green & Pink Carpet Pillow Cover. Looking to add a little warmth to your space or spruce up existing upholstery. Cozy it up with a Kilim Pillow Cover with Intricate floral design in vibrant green, pink and grey that creates a one-off look.

These upcycled pillow covers are made from hand-woven vintage wool Anatolian kilims and hand-knotted rug fragments

Always unique, they add the well worn and colourful accent contemporary homes seem to be crying out for.   We mix them with luxe velvets or mud cloth combinations to create a one-off look proving that just about any combination will work.

Back is in co-ordinating solid colour twill

20″ x 20″


Inserts are available here

Inserts are available here:


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